The Bridge

The Bridge 1

This programme is about understanding the available fascial requirement of each of the body's movement orientations: flexion, extension & rotation of the spine, hip, knee, ankle and shoulder, and lateral and functional movement, from a fascial perspective.

You will experience how re-storing to re-set the neuro-myo-fascial pathways influences the whole of your physiology. With the learning tool and guide of Thomas Myers' revolutionary Anatomy Trains map to take us around the fascial body , the Prelude will teach you how to recognise and change the fascial imbalances, strain patterns, habit patterns, and associated re-action patterns, that in time become our symptoms and syndromes. ...learn more about it

The Bridge 2

This programme offers tools and application for an increased sensory perception of what has been called our 6th sense.
You will look and understand the available fascial requirement of each of the body's movement orientations in yourself and learn to recognize it in others.
You will learn to see how your mind and habit patterns are creating the very restrictions that you experience in your body and life and learn how to become the change of this.
We will explore more deeply the concept of 'victims and culprits' and use this awareness to re-solve the compensation puzzle to consciously re-set the system.
This programme offers the opportunity for profound personal change, it is about being the change and knowing from experience. This will enable you to translate it into your life and professional field.
It offers an expanded and ‘other’ view and application for rehabilitation (re-able-habitation).
It is a new way forward, and opportunity to evolve, it is medicine for the 21st century.

...learn more about it

The Bridge 3

Learn to embody the asanas to gain confidence in guiding others.

This body of work takes everything that you have learnt in Bridge 1 & 2 into a broader view and deeper understanding of Yoga asanas and philosophies. You will see how these tools can be applied directly to your teaching and practice.You will experience and gain insight into a series of progressive asanas from this perspective. ...learn more about it