Fascia in Motion

Fascia – The human connective tissue – is constantly stepping forward into the limelight of modern medical research and international attention. These recent findings are revolutionising our approach to Pilates as well.

Based on the Anatomy Trains as described by Thomas Myers we use the original Pilates repertoire in combination with the newest research to let our trainees experience the fascial connections.

What Joseph Pilates knew and taught is nowadays scientifically sound. The human body (muscles, skeleton and connective tissue) is an inseparable unit. A healthy connective tissue is at the same time firm and elastic - flexible yet tear-proof it allows for springy movements. This guarantees a high ability to withstand stress, avoids painful friction of tendons and ligaments, protects the musculature from injuries, renders powerful and leads to en energetic sense of well-being – a whole life long. We are as old as our connective tissue is. Who aims to remain young or reclaim the sense of being young is well advised to strengthen this net of life.

To motivate our future trainees to embark on this slow continuous journey an oriental wisdom might help:

«To be bendable and resilient like a bamboo requires the devotion and regular care of the gardener. He plants his seeds over a long period of time without any visible positive result. Only after patient care does the first bamboo seedling become visible as it pushes its way toward the sky. From then on it grows steadily upwards until it dwarfs its neighbours in height, flexibility, and resistance to damage.»