Jasmin Sheta

Born in 1975 as a child of classical ballet dancers, she’s spent most of her childhood behind the Zürich Opera house curtains. From Ballet to Jazz and modern dance she competed a three-year professional training course in callisthenics with Dietrich + Piller

In 1999 she moved to Cairo where she has worked as a personal trainer & performance nutritionist for ISSA America and as a  dance teacher for children.

In 2004, she returned to Switzerland, and in the following year she started her own business. Three years later, in 2008, Jasmin launched Pilateszone together with Sabine Renz, a success right from the start. In 2013, Isabel Favre joined, followed by Susanne Kunz in 2017 and Susanna Rusterholz in 2019.

After her return to Switzerland in 2004, she continued her educations with the Polestar Pilates in rehabilitation training, certifying in 2011. In the same year her Bridge Programme through Karin Locher/CPM (control Pilates method) at SPM (spatial medicine) www.spatialmedicine.com started. In collaboration www.anatomytrains.com.

For a period of six years, from 2013 to 2019, she was active as a faculty teacher with Karin Locher at the Centre for Spatial Medicine. In these years, she gave six bridging programmes and supervised several students in their in there full apprenticeship up to certification.

In 2016, along side her professional career, she graduated as a yoga teacher from www.yogalives.ch.

In 2017, she enrolled herself in to a three-year training in trauma healing at SE Somatic Experiencing (Peter A. Levine)

Jasmin is a proud mother of 3 children.

Together with Sabine Renz, she's a partner in Pilateszone.

Jasmin Sheta