Susanne Kunz

Susanne Kunz was born 1978 in the Canton of Bern.

At the age of 19 she leaves for Zurich and starts her work as a tv-host on Swiss National Television and as a free based actress. Besides, she regularly attends dance and yoga classes.

From 2004 until 2012 her life is characterized by intensive working periods, two pregnancies and childbirths, as well as strong recurring back pain.

She starts training at pilateszone, discovers the dimension of working with fascia and the deep effectiveness of the CPM-Pilatesmethod.

She obtains a complete new access to her body and mind, a more efficient management of her energy at work on stage, but also in daily life as a mother, and yet a general improvement of her well-being.

Due to this experience, she desires to deepen her knowledge about the CPM-Method and to pass it on to others.

In 2014 she starts the Teacher Programm at pilateszone with Jasmin Sheta, Sabine Renz and Karin Locher. 

Since 2017 Susanne Kunz is a certified Spatial Medicin/CPM Trainer.

She teaches in German, French and English.

Susanne Kunz